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The Start of Bible Senders

Bible was started in 2007 and literally came about by a late night wake up call.

It was 3:00 am and I was awakened by a voice that spoke out "Bible Senders".  Startled, I sat up in bed and said; "What the heck is a Bible Sender?"  My abrupt and vocal question woke up my wife.  She had not heard the voice and asked me; "What are you saying?". "Nothing" was my reply and we both went back to sleep.


The next morning when I awoke, I made myself a cup of coffee and got on the internet and typed in Bible Senders. Up popped a one page website with an email address, so, I sent an email explaining what I had experienced during the early AM hours. I figured, why not just tell it like it happened.  After all, Bible Senders was not my idea, was not my dream, it was GOD's.  I also asked in my email, if the domain was for sale, then I went off to work.  Later that evening, I checked my email and there was a response that said; "The same thing happened to me two years ago and since then I have had nothing but problems in my life so I have not done anything with it. I will give you the domain". I accepted the domain he had and I purchased all of the others.

Thinking we would probably send out ten bibles a year in the U.S., I built a small and simple 2 page website asking for people to send us new or used bibles that we would in turn resend to those who requested them.  In about two weeks we received one bible and one email request.  So, we sent the only bible we had to the only request we had.  The request came in from the Philippines, so we popped it in an envelope and off it went.


About a month later, we received an email from the woman who had requested and had now received the bible.  She said that it was the exact bible that she had prayed for but could not afford as it would cost a month of her wages.  From that point on bibles and requests came in.

​By the end of our first year, we had sent out 250 bibles.  By the end of our 3rd year, we received approximately 1 million requests for bibles.  Bible Senders receives an average of 3,000 to 8,000 donated bibles a year.  As you can see we are a few short.  Honestly, at that point, we just stopped counting the requests...  

I might add that for reasons unknown to us, we receive and send more bibles to the Philippines, than any other country outside of the U.S.   GOD has a plan, we are just not clued into that part of it yet.

The Real Blessing:

So, imagine when you get to Heaven, some one you never met, from some city or country you have never been to, taps you on the shoulder and thanks you for the bible you donated.  That is our understanding of Bible Senders (Luke 14:14).

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