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Bible Senders

The place to get free bibles and donate bibles to others

We need your extra bibles!!!

Everyday we get emails from all over the world asking for the word of God.


Bible Senders is spreading the Christian message of hope around the world.  We believe that a single bible in the hands of just one person can change the world.  


We invite you to join us to spread the Good News throughout the nations, one bible at a time.

- Bible Senders - 
Be The Difference

Your Donated Bibles In Action

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Collecting Bibles

Changing The World

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Giving Away Free Bibles

One Bible At A Time

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Learning The Word

One Person At A Time

"You have one business on earth - to save souls"

John Wesley

Contact Bible Senders

Bible Senders

157 Forest Grove Blvd

Palm Harbor, FL 34683

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