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Donate A Bible

New Bibles
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We Need New Bibles!

What if the the next bible you donate finds its way into the hands of a young preacher or pastor like Billy Graham, Kathryn Kuhlman, Joyce Meyer, Chuck Missler, Smith Wigglesworth, Oral Roberts or John G. Lake, well you get the idea.  


Now, imagine the impact just one of your donated bibles can make on the world!  Like sowing seeds, donating a bible and giving away bibles for free is exactly the same… they do bear fruit.  Some will produce 30, 60 and even 100 fold, all you have to do is keep sowing those seeds!  So, come on, jump in and donate a bible.  We can use your old cell phones and tablets too!

Where to buy new bibles  

Used Bibles

Donate a Used Bible: PLEASE READ


I am reluctant to ask for these as we have received thousands of useless bibles.  Yes, thousands and yes useless.  If you don't want them, chances are no one else does either.  I was taught that when you donate clothing, wash, iron and fold them before giving them away. Nothing says "Jesus is the abundant life" like a torn worn out shirt, bible or stuff you are trying to get rid of. 


Seriously, it's time to get about The Father's work!  Excuse me for coming across a bit harsh but where is Christian love and charity?  Please, do NOT send them.  Please do NOT send table top bibles. No one will carry that to church?  It is a waste of your time, our time to throw them away and the shipping dollars spent to get them here. 

So, while there is a real need for donated bibles, we can only use the ones that are in very good shape.

How To Ship Bibles:

The most affordable way to ship donated bibles is by using RETAIL GROUND or PARCEL SELECT through the U.S. Post Office.  U.S.P.S. has raised their prices considerably. Media Mail is NO LONGER the most cost effective way of shipping and will be returned to you.


Send to:

Bible Senders C/O Robert Vilardi

157 Forest Grove Blvd

Palm Harbor, Florida


Financial Donations:

Your financial support can help Bible Senders, send bibles around the world to prisoners, small groups and individuals.

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