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Speaking In The Tongues Of Men And Angles

     Speaking In The Tongues Of Men And Angels, as well as other gifts of the Holy Spirit have always been a source of contention between different denominations of the Christian Church. Almost every bible believing Christian agrees that these gifts “were” active when the Apostles were alive, however, some believe that these gifts are no longer needed today. Does scripture back that up? Is speaking in tongues really from God? Do you need to have it? Should you, have it?

     There are many Christians that believe speaking in tongues is the main gift and that the other gifts of the Holy Spirit may or may not be manifest in all Believers. Does scripture back this up? Along with over 40 scriptures, these are some of the questions we will take a look at in this book.  Click on the link below to choose either an e-Book or paperback.

     The various gifts of the Spirit was a topic that came up in one of our bible studies, specifically speaking in tongues.  We thought writing a little book summing up all the scriptures in the bible about speaking in tongues would resolve it once and for all.  See for yourself...

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