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Our Work 
We Need Your Bibles To Do It

Thanks to people like you, Bible Senders has been sending Bibles all over the world since 2007.  Our biggest obstacle back then remains the same one we have today; getting people and church groups to donate bibles and finding people who could take them out and distribute them.  We are mostly self-funded and having the funds to distribute them has become less of a problem over the years as people have stepped up to take them to into bible studies, prisons, rehab centers, mental health facilities, hospitals and clinics here in the U.S. and over seas.  The one thing that has not changed is the need for good quality donated bibles... Your Bibles.  

Bible Technology:

Over the years, technology has become the favorite bible of choice.  People are using their cell phones, tablets and computers to read and study the word.  Yes, we can also recycle your old cell phones and tablets by installing a bible app.   The downside of technology, less bibles available for donation. 

Donate Used Bibles:

We are fairly certain that every Believer has at least one (1) bible at home that is in excellent condition just sitting on the shelf gathering dust or desk waiting to be used.  Send that bible to us, we need it.  We also know that just about every church has a lost and found.  In those lost and founds are troves of bibles in excellent shape that have not been claimed.  If you have some, please send those bibles to us, we need them.

Donate New Bibles:

Lastly, if you want to help and you don't have a good quality gently used bible, you can always buy new bibles and send them to us.  We need new bibles too.  You can buy a single bible or buy them buy the case, either one works.  They can be paperback or hard-cover bibles, again we can find a home for either one.    

What Type Of Bibles Are Needed:

Donate Paperback Bibles - 

Prisons can only accept paperback bibles.  The ESV or NIV large print are the ones most commonly requested by Prison Chaplins.  Paperback bibles are also good for the clinics, hospitals and rehab centers.

Donated Hard Cover Bibles - 

Hard Cover Study Bibles are the best for the serious Believers.  These are usually what we send to missionaries around the world as paperback bibles don't hold up long when traveling

Donate Hard Cover Large Print Study Bibles - 

Hard cover large print study bibles are the most requested.  We typically try to reserve the larger print study bibles for Pastors.  The larger print makes it easier for them to preach while they read and they are great for older readers of the Word.

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