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Bible Study Notes

The Meaning of Words in the Bible

In the course of studying the bible we came across a few websites that we found useful in searching deeper into the scriptures.  One is the online King James Bible ( which includes a searchable dictionary and concordance.  The other is simply called Bible Meanings; It can be searched by book, scripture or word and employs a combination of different techniques used for studying scripture. 

1. The principal of First Mention (a/k/a The First Mention Principal)"

This is based on the idea that the initial discussion of any subject in the Bible has a special significance.

2. Exegesis (investigation of the original meaning of a text within its context):

Comprehending and analyzing both the literary and cultural context of Biblical verses and then using them to compare with similar verses found elsewhere in Scripture to determine its true meaning.

We have found the use of these websites helps to give us the clearest meaning of words in the bible.  Hopefully, you  will find them as useful as we do.

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