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Bible Senders FAQS
aka Questions People Ask

Bible Senders - Man Plowing Fields

Who Are The Bible Senders:

Bible Senders is a family ministry and by the grace of GOD, has been sending bibles around the world since 2007.

1. What is the Bible Sender's Mission:

To send a free bible to anyone who asks anywhere in the world.


2. Is Bible Senders a Non-Profit Organization:

Yes, we started in March of 2007 and became a 501c3 Non-Profit company in November 2008.

3. What Denomination Is Bible Senders:

Bible is a Non-Denominational Organization.  We believe that anyone, anywhere in the world who worships the living GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and believes that Jesus is their Messiah, the Way, the Truth and the Light, is a brother and a sister (it’s in the handbook).

While personally we believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the vigorous exercise of ALL the gifts of the Spirit and the five fold ministry (also in the handbook), we understand that not every Christian does. We also believe that it doesn’t matter if you are Protestant, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical, Presbyterian, Anglican or Messianic Jew (if we left you out of the list, sorry, we didn’t mean to offend you). If you believe that Jesus is the son of GOD come in the flesh, then you are a brother or a sister.

In short, each one says, “I follow Paul”, or I follow Apollos”, or I follow Peter, or I follow Christ.  Is Christ divided?  Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized in the name of Paul? (1 Corinthians 1:12-13).  

In reality, there is only One True Church, One True GOD, One Way to get there and His name is Jesus, the living son of GOD, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  That is also in the handbook, John 14:6 and is also found in John 10:1, Mark 8:27-28, Mathew 16:15-17 and Isaiah 48:17 just to name a few.

The Bottom Line: 

We are all saved by Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2:8).  As long as you believe and call and depend on Jesus as your Savior, you have the Steak & Potatoes of the Gospel so to speak.  However, if you stop there, we think you are missing out on a most exciting and bountiful Spirit filled life.

4. How did Bible Senders Start:

To read the story click here.

5. How is Bible Senders Funded:

Financially, we are both a self funded and donor supported ministry, however the majority of our bibles come from bible study groups, church members, lost and found, and support from Partners and Donations from people like you.  When you give to Bible Senders Ministries, you are helping to share the gospel message that GOD is good ALL the Time!

6. How Can I Support Bible Senders:

There are a number of ways to support us.  Click here Give

7. What Version of The Bible Is Best:

Wow, tough question. It depends what speaks to you.  Personally, we prefer the King James and New King James. However, we get a lot of requests for large print NIV and large print ESV because they are written in plain English.  There are many that believe only the King James is the correct and acceptable version, however, as customs and language changed, the scriptures went from Classical Hebrew and Aramaic and were translated into Greek, then Latin, German and English with a few detours on the way.  Thank GOD for the translators or we would all have to learn Hebrew or Greek.

For those Christians looking for a deeper understanding of the scriptures let it be known that the NIV is a source of contention between many bible scholars due to its occasional inaccurate translation and the excluded 17 verses from the New Testament (see list of exclusions by Dr. Rocco Badenhorst.

NOTE: Most people today do not want the King James Version.  We have lots of those and can't give them away.

8. Are Paperback Bibles Acceptable:

Yes.  They are good for prisons, street and homeless ministries but they don’t hold up on the Ministry Trail, for daily use or overseas.  The best all-around study bible seams to be the ones with a soft leather cover in any version (except KJV aka King James.  Generally speaking, prisoners, street ministries and the homeless typically don't read the King James version. 

9. Do You Send Bibles to Prisons/Prisoners:

Yes / Yes, Bible Senders has sent thousands of bibles to prisoners here in the U.S as well as all over the world.  If you wish to donate towards a prison ministry, please keep in mind that we have found that soft covered and paperback large print NIV and ESV bibles are the best and meet the needs of both the prisoners and prison management.  FYI, Prisons do not allow hard covered bibles.


10. Do You Accept Foreign Language Bibles:
Yes, we will find a good home for bibles in any language. However, the biggest requests we get for foreign language bibles is Spanish, Spanish and Spanish.  

11. Does Bible Senders Accept New Bibles:

Yes, we actually prefer new bibles in any language and in most versions (except King James).  Study bibles are the most requested and soft leather bound bibles are the most durable and easiest to transport.  To purchase new bibles through Bible Senders and have them shipped for free, directly to our office click here

12. Does Bible Senders accept Used Bibles:

Yes, however, please click here.

13. How Do You Dispose Of Old Bibles:

We understand that it can feel odd to dispose of a bible. Think about it this way...  Over 100 million bibles are printed each year with over 20 million sold in the U.S. alone.  That is an average of 3 per household.  Like everything else, they wear out, get old and need to be disposed of.  We suggest you do what we do.  If they are unusable, we throw them out.  Please don't send them to us to throw out.

14. Is There A Cost To Those Receiving Bibles:

No, our mission is to send a free bible to anyone who asks anywhere in the world.  However, if you would like to make a donation click here.

15. Will Bible Senders Support Ministries Requesting More Than One Bible:

Yes, we are more than willing to send large quantities of bibles.  However, due to the cost of shipping, for bible needs overseas, we prefer to put them into the hands of someone here in the U.S. who in turn can pay to ship them or take them over.

16. Where Do The Bibles Come From:

We collect bibles from everywhere and anywhere, garage sales, used book stores, new book stores, church Lost and Found, church bible drives from around the country and people we know but most of the bibles we receive come from People like you and Churches like yours.  To date, every bible we have received ahs come from here in the U.S., 5 from Korea and 1 from Australia.  Our sincere thanks to all of you.

17: How Can I Support Bible Senders:

There are many ways you can support Bible Senders, click here.

Best Version of the Bible
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