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Bible Study Notes

The Name of God Elohim



The name of God Elohim in Hebrew as written in Genesis 1:1.  Many bible translations miss the subtlety between Elohim as mentioned in Genesis 1 and the Lord God (YHWH God) in Genesis 1:4.  They are the same God just different aspects of the triune God  (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

So, without getting bogged down in trying to explain the Hebrew language, this is basically what the name of Elohim in Hebrew says when you break it down into each letter having its own meaning and combinations of letters having an additional meaning.  The son of God with thorns on His head hanging on a tree as a gift for the covenant.  So here we have the entire Gospel message in the name of God right off the bat hidden in the first word.

For a better understanding see #1 Torah Parashah Bereshit - Hidden Prophecies in Creation!

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