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Donate Your Cell Phones And Tablets

Use your cell phones and tablets to spread the gospel around the world.  Times are changing and the Christian gospel is moving and growing faster than ever.  Using technology is a great way to spread the gospel with your iphones, android and tablets of any make.


How we use cell phones and tablets:

We install a bible app in the language of the country we visit as well as English.  Since we are only using the cell phones and tablets to read the bible, once the app is installed there is no need to go online.  No need for cell phone towers or Wi-Fi connection.  Any phone that has the ability to download a bible app will work and they will work anywhere in the world..


What You Need To Do:

Before sending us your phone or tablet, there are a few steps that you will need to take in order to make them usable.

1. Remove Your Passcode

2. Needs to be Unlocked

3. Reset back to Factory settings

4. Remove any iCloud access and personal information

5. Don't forget to include the charger

That's it.  Once you have done the above steps mail them to


Bible Senders

157 Forest Grove Blvd

Palm Harbor, Florida 34682

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