Bible Promises For Everyone

Originally Compiled
by Samuel Clarke D.D.S

Precious Bible Promises

Translated Into American English
by Robert Vilardi

Have you ever read bible scriptures and wondered, “What the heck is it really trying to tell me?” If so, then this book of Bible Promises for Everyone is for you.

Originally complied by Samuel Clarke and printed in 1720, Precious Bible Promises was the most comprehensive collection of scripture promises of its time. Written in the original Kings English, here in America, in the 21st century, it is a difficult read for Christian teaching to say the least.

In an attempt to better understand the bible promises for myself, I re-interpreted the original Old English King James language into modern American English. Using the King James (AKJ), Amplified (AMP), New King James (NKJ), English Standard Version (ESV), Easy To Read Version (ERV) and the Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB), to glean the clearest meaning from out of the original scriptures, to uncover a crisp, clear translation that I could easily understand.

The living word is meant for everyone and to be understood by every seeker, regardless of race, color, creed, language, or education level. This modern translation of Clarke’s Precious Bible Promises was meant to do just that.

It has greatly impacted my life. We hope it blesses you too.


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