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We Need Free Bibles

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Request a Free Bible:

Week after week we continue to receive a few thousand requests asking for free bibles.  The requests come in every day from burn units, hospitals, teen centers, evangelists, prison ministries, prisoners, street ministries, homeless shelters, new start-up churches, new bible study groups, people who can't afford a bible, and people who want to know more about the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Those who do not know Jesus are looking for an answer.  They want to know that there is hope after all of this craziness that the entire world has been living through.  Those who know Jesus are looking to spread the word.  We need free Bibles to help meet those needs.


The requests come in from all across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, every country in South America, most of Europe especially the old Eastern bloc, and almost all of Asia including, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, the Middle East, throughout Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  The requests are asking for bibles in English, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Amharic, and the list goes on.  The only place we have not received a request from is Antarctica.  As each day passes we fail to meet most of these needs.  However, with your help, it is possible. 


Single Bibles:

I'm thinking that every Christian has at least one extra bible, at home that is in great condition that they can part with.  One extra bible that they are not using.  One bible that they can pick up at the store and send to us so we can put it to good use.


Bulk Bibles:

If you would like to send us a case of bibles, we could certainly use those also.  For prison bibles, they need to be soft cover (paperback).  The prison bible of choice is either the NIV or ESV.  Large print works great for the older prisoners. 

For bulk bibles for non-prisoner use, the greatest request we receive is for New King James study bibles.  Bulk bibles can be purchased at Amazon, Christian Books or Bibles in Bulk to name a few. 

Other places to find free bibles:

What about the lost and found departments at your church.  They are typically filled with good bibles that no one has claimed in over a month.  We will take them.  We would love to have them and pass them along to someone who wants it.

If you could take 10 minutes and look in your closet or book shelf for that lonely bible that needs to be read by someone, we would certainly appreciate it. 


Pastor R

Send Bibles to

Bible Senders

157 Forest Grove Blvd

Palm Harbor, Fl. 34683

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