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Bible Study Notes

In The Beginning

בְּרֵאשִׁית - Bereshit


In the book of Genesis, the Bible begins with the phrase, "In The Beginning".  There is so much packed into this one little phrase that it is astounding to one who chooses to search it out.


This phrase in Hebrew begins with the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Many have wondered, why would God start His book with the second letter of His alphabet and not the first.  According to the Hebrew scholars there is a reason.

It begins with the second letter because before reading the bible, the first thing one should do is acknowledge that they are about to enter into the very reverential Word of God. Once one prepares themselves, then and only then should they proceed to read on. therefore Genesis starts with the second letter.  OK, a bit deep but  what's in the word Bereshit?  Here is where it begins to make sense.

In Hebrew, every letter has a picture, a number and a meaning. Hebrew scholars say that there are 3 levels of the Torah (first 5 books of the bible), representing each person of the Trinity. Putting these together not only spells a word but also communicates different depths of knowledge. In the Hebrew word written above (Hebrew is read left to right) pronounce Berteshit, the meaning of individual letters reveal's God's whole plan of salvation.  "The Son  (רֵ) of God (א), crowned with thorns (רֵ) upon His head (א), on a tree (שִׁי), a gift of covenant (ת)"...

For a more complete understanding see the Torah study from the Assembly of Called Out believers

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